We specialise in training and checking professional pilots in the simulator with our well-trained and highly experienced instructors/examiners.

Our highest priority is to create a friendly, relaxed, and professional learning environment to enable you to perform at your very best and to achieve your goals. Let us guide you through the process and provide support throughout to assist you to find your ideal airline role.

Covid was a brutal time not just for our industry but for the travel as a whole and pilots went through a significant period of suffering both mentally and financially. But the blue skies are here and with many more options available, it is time to find the right job for you. Life on your terms, whatever that is for you: Short haul, well paid commuter contract or your dream job with your flag carrier.

We have teamed together with the best, like minded Instructors, Examiners and Senior Examiners from around Europe to provide training and checks at all levels from Type Ratings to TRE courses on multiple types and locations for EASA and UK CAA licences. By working under the umbrella of multiple ATO organisations we are able to provide the highest quality of services at a competitive price.