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Course is provided by Dento Training Ltd

EASA Certificated Approved Training Organization (ATO) by the Cypriot Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) under CY – ATO – 005

The objective of TRE/SFE course is to train experienced pilots who are holders of a current TRI/SFI certificate, to the standards required in order to be able to conduct Skill Tests and Licence Proficiency Checks for associated class and type ratings.

The privileges of a TRE for aeroplanes are to conduct:

Skills Tests for the initial issue of type ratings for aeroplanes
Proficiency checks for Revalidation or Renewal of Type Ratings, EIRs and IRs
Skill tests for ATPL(A) issue
Skill tests for MPL issue
Assessments of competence for the issue, revalidation or renewal of a TRI or SFI certificate in the applicable aircraft category, provided that the examiner has completed at least 3 years as a TRE.


TRE(A) and TRE(PL). Applicants for a TRE certificate for aeroplanes and powered-lift aircraft shall:

  • In the case of multi-pilot aeroplanes or powered-lift aircraft, have completed 1 500 hours of flight time as a pilot of multi-pilot aeroplanes, of which at least 500 hours shall be as PIC
  • Hold a CPL or ATPL and a TRI certificate for the applicable type
  • For the initial issue of an TRE certificate, have completed at least 50 hours of flight instruction as a TRI, FI or SFI in the applicable type or an FSTD representing that type.

Day 1

Ground School;

Day 2

Ground School + Written Exam;

Day 3

Profiles 1 & 2;

Day 4

Profiles 3 & 4;

Day 5

Profiles 5 & 6;

Day 6

Profiles 7 & 8, plus Course Washup;

Day 7

Note: When there is only one applicant,
A) only one training profile is run per day, and B) there should be a support pilot.

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