AoC and EAoC for Instructors and Examiners

Our examiners are able to conduct AoC to help you keep your instructor ratings current. We conduct EAoC for both EASA and UK CAA examiners subject to approval by the state that issues your licence. For further guidance on renewals and revalidations please see the below and consult EASA Annex 1 (PART FCL) Subpart J and Subpart K or contact us for further guidance.

We cover the following Types

B737, B737 MAX, B777, B787, A320, B747.

TRI — Revalidation and renewal:



  1. Aeroplanes. For revalidation of a TRI(A) certificate, the applicant shall,
    within the last 12 months preceding the expiry date of the certificate, fulfil
    two of the following 3 requirements:
    • conduct one of the following parts of a complete type rating training course: simulator session of at least 3 hours or one air exercise of at least 1 hour comprising a minimum of 2 take-offs and landings
    • receive instructor refresher training as a TRI at an ATO
    • pass the assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.935


  1. Aeroplanes. If the TRI (A) certificate has lapsed the applicant shall have:
    • completed within the last 12 months preceding the application at least 30 route sectors, to include take-offs and landings on the applicable aeroplane type, of which not more than 15 sectors may be completed in a flight simulator
    • Instructor refresher training as a TRI at an ATO which shall cover the relevant sections of the TRI training course.
    • If applicants held a certificate for more than one type of aircraft within the same category, the assessment of competence taken on one of those types of aircraft shall renew the TRI certificate for the other types held within the same category of aircraft, unless iti is otherwise determined in the OSD.

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