EASA APPROVED – Type Rating Examiners Standardisation (TRES) course


The TRE/SFE course provides training to ensure pilots who are experienced & hold the mTRI/SFI to obtain the required standards as an examiner to represent their competent authority.

Privileges of The TRE

Skill tests – for issuing type ratings for aeroplanes

Proficiency checks for type rating revalidation or renewals of type ratings, EIRs & IRs
Skill tests for ATPL (A) issue
Skill tests for MPL issue
Assessment of competence for the issue, renewal or revalidation of a TRI or SFI certificate in the relevant aircraft category, after 3 years as a TRE.

Prerequisites Of TRE(A) And TRE(PL)

Applicants for the TRE Certificate for Aeroplanes & Powered Lift Aircrafts must have:

  1. Completed 1500 hours of flight time as a pilot for multi-pilot aeroplanes & 500 of these hours will be as PIC
  2. The pilots will hold a CPL or ATPL & also a TRI certificate for the applicable type
  3. Have completed no less than 50 hours of flight instruction as a TRI, SFI or FI in the applicable type or as an FSTD representing that type

TRE/SFE — Examiner Standardisation

  1. You will undertake a standardisation course which is provided by the competent authority or by an ATO & approved by the competent authority.
  2. The Standardisation course will consist of both practical instruction as well as the theoretical elements. This will include:
    • Conducting 2 skill tests, assessments of competences and proficiency checks for licenses, certificates or ratings for which applicants are seeking the authority to conduct checks & tests themselves.
    • Instruction (applicable parts) & air operations requirements (applicable), conducting skill tests, assessment of competence & proficiency checks as well as documentation and reporting processes
    • There will be a briefing on national administrative procedures, requirements  for the protection of personal data, accident insurance/fees, reporting and also liability
    • There will be a briefing on the need to review as well as apply the items 3. when conducting the skill tests, proficiency checks, or assessments of competences for an applicant for which the relevant competent authority is NOT the same that issues the examiners licence
    • There will be an instruction on how to get access to the national procedures & the requirements of other competent authorities when they are needed;
  3. If the competent authority is not the same as that which issued the examiner certificate, then holders of the examiners certificate shall not conduct skills tests, proficiency checks or assessments of competence unless they have reviewed the latest available information that contains the relevant national procedures of the applicants competent authority.

Note: Examiners Assessment of Competence (EAoC) of the Specific A/C Type, for which the applicant is looking to be qualified for

The TRE/SFE candidate must demonstrate their competence to a Flight Ops Inspector (FOI) from the relevant competent authority or Senior examiner (SE) who has been authorised by the competent authority. This must be the competent authority that is responsible for the examiners certificate.

*This is in the examiner’s role for which the privilege is being requested and includes the briefing, the conduct of the skills test, proficiency check or assessment of competence as well as the assessment of the candidate in question. Also to include the debriefing & recording documentation

We cover the following Types

B737, B737 MAX, B777, B787, A320, B747.

Revalidation of Examiner Certificates



Validity An examiner certificate shall be valid for 3 years.

To revalidate an examiner certificate, holders shall comply with all of the following conditions:

  1. Have conducted at least six skill tests, proficiency checks or assessments of competence, before the expiry date of the certificate.
  2. in the period of 12 months immediately preceding the expiry date of the certificate, complete an examiner refresher course.
  3. one of the skill tests, proficiency checks or assessments of competence conducted in shall take place in the last 12 months before expiry and shall be assessed by an inspector or a Senior examiner specifically authorised to do so by the competent authority responsible for the examiner certificate.

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