English Language Proficiency

English Language Proficiency assessments are currently performed during the Licence Skill Test (LST) and Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) by examiners authorised by the Authority as English Language Assessors.

This may be required when conducting a Skill Test for licence conversions, for example from UK CAA to an EASA licence.

We cover the following Types

B737, B737 MAX, B777, B787, A320, B747.

Components of the Test

  1. The language proficiency assessment is designed to reflect a range of tasks undertaken by pilots but with the specific focus on language rather than operational procedures.
  2. The assessment will determine the applicant’s ability to:
    1. a) communicate effectively using standard radiotelephony phraseology;
    2. b) deliver and understand messages in plain language in both usual and unusual situations that necessitate departure from standard radiotelephony phraseology.
  3. The assessment will consider three elements, as follows:
    1. a) Listening – assessment of comprehension;
    2. b) Speaking – assessment of pronunciation, fluency, structure and vocabulary;
    3. c) Interaction.
  4. On completion of the test the English Language Assessor will indicate the English Language Proficiency rating attained.

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