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and Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI) Course

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The privileges of a TRI

To instruct for:

  1. The revalidation and renewal of an EIR or an IR, provided the TRI holds a valid IR.
  2. The issue of a TRI or SFI certificate after 50 hours experience as TRI/SFI and having conducted the flight instruction syllabus of the relevant part of the TRI training course according to point FCL.930.TRI(a)(3) to the satisfaction of the head of training of an ATO.

In the case of the TRI for multi-pilot aeroplanes:

  1. The issue, revalidation, and renewal of type ratings for: a) multi-pilot aeroplanes; b) single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes when the applicant seeks privileges to operate in multi-pilot operations.
  2. MCC training The MPL course on the basic, intermediate, and advanced phases.
  3. MCC Training.
  4. The MPL course on the basic, intermediate, and advanced phases, provided that, for the basic phase, they hold or have held an FI(A) or IRI(A) certificat.

We cover the following Types

B737, B737 MAX, B777, B787, A320, B747.

TRI/SFI Course

Course Prerequisites

An applicant for a TRI certificate shall hold a CPL, MPL or ATPL pilot licence on the applicable aircraft category for a TRI(MPA) certificate:

  1. Completed 1500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes.
  2. Have completed, within the 12 months preceding the date of application, 30 route sectors, including take-offs and landings, as PIC or co-pilot on the applicable aeroplane type, of which 15 sectors may be completed in an FFS representing that type.

If you do not meet the above criteria you may qualify for the prerequisites for the SFI course.

The Structure Of The TRI Course

PART 1: (formerly known as Core Course)

  • The 25 hrs “Teaching and Learning” is taught in a classroom
  • Over 4 days (currently we are using online Zoom platform)
  • This part can be conducted separately from Part 2 & 3


  • The 10 hrs “Technical Training”, is also been taught in the classroom over 2 days
  • This part needs to be conducted together or just prior to Part 3


  • The 10 hrs Multi-Pilot flight instructions in the simulator will need to comply as in one of the two cases as here below:
    1. Two trainees training together, will need a total of 10hrs i.e. 5 hrs each, or
    2. One trainee training alone will need a total of 10 hrs.

Assessment of Competence (AoC)

At the end of Part 3, each trainee will need 2 hrs AoC in a simulator.

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