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Are you ready to be re-hired and face the assessment process? Protecting your knowledge, skills and ratings during these challenging times can be costly and stressful, especially with long periods without flying and you may have been forced into a low paid job in the interim.
Many airlines have started re-hiring and they may expect you to be current on type before applying for a direct entry position. Having a valid Type Rating may not only be necessary but also demonstrates to your future employer that you are proactive, dedicated and enthusiastic to join the team.

Below are what you will show your future employer having kept your skills and knowledge up to date:

  • Demonstrates Dedication
  • Shows Commitment to return to the skies
  • Highlights Enthusiasm
  • Demonstrates that you are Proactive

We are proud & privileged to have David Mather as part of our team. David is one of our most experienced instructors/examiner with 32 years in aviation and 25 years as an instructor. David is also a Senior TRE for the IAA and conducts EAoC on behalf of the IAA for fellow examiners.

737 LPC

Our LPC include

  • 2 hours briefing
  • 1-hour debriefing/admin
  • 4 hour LPC combined with another pilot


Is your B737 rating about to expire?
If you hold a current Type Rating and would like to REVALIDATE before it expires. This may be conducted up to 3 months prior to the expiry date. Revalidation of your current Type Rating helps you keep your skills and ratings current and may be required by airlines to get rehired. We will help you with the process.

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Renewal is required if you have passed the expiry date of the Rating. We are affiliated with Dento Aviation for all renewal training and courses.

Training required for renewals will depend on experience, expiry date of rating and date of last flight. Please fill in the Enquiry form so that we can assess training required. Bespoke training will be given according to your individual needs. It may be determined by the ATO that no training is required but they will issue a Course Completion Certificate for all RENEWALS. It is also important to note: that each ATO assesses training requirements according to their own ATO criteria.

If your Type Rating is no longer displayed in your licence, this may not mean that you require a complete Type Rating course and there is no requirement by the authorities to complete an entire Type Rating course after 3 years expiry of type.


Special Offer:

Anyone who requires 5 hours or
more of training will get for FREE:
6 Months Subscription to 737 Handbook by Petr Smejkal


We provide our customer with the best training tailored service to their specific needs.

Real video footage from the simulator with step by step guidance from David Mather

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