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and Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI)

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About us

737 Sim Guide

was founded to help support pilots to maintain their valuable knowledge and skills through these difficult times.

We offer a unique, highly recognised, people-centred programme to train-the-trainer, available for future or experienced pilot instructors to acquire the competencies to conduct flight crew training within an airline or ATO, but also extend and refresh their knowledge.

Course is provided by Dento Training Ltd

EASA Certificated Approved Training Organization (ATO) by the Cypriot Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) under CY – ATO – 005

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“I belive that by creating a positive and friendly atmosphere gives pilots the opportunity to perform at their very best and achieve their goals”

Real video footage from the simulator with step by step guidance from David Mather

Engine Malfanction on Take off

Real video footage from the simulator with step by step guidance on the procedure, what to look for, and how to handle the aircraft with some useful tips.

Aircraft Emergency – Rejected Take Off 737

Review, develop and understanding how to perform the rejected take off maneuver in the simulator .

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